Travellers on the Memorial Park

Traveller Incursions on the Memorial Park

17th July 2017

Cliff Brewer    Councillor Cliff Brewer reports,

"Not for the first time, I was actively engaged in dealing with the recent occupation of the Memorial Park by Travellers in caravans. With the assistance of the police, it was possible to move the Travellers on the next day. Speedy removal was possible in this case, because passage on to the park had been achieved by damaging town council property expressly put in place to prevent access by caravan. The threat of prosecution by the police for criminal damage was sufficient to clear the site

In the past, when damage to property damage could not be proved, removal took several weeks, after a lengthy court process. I have asked the Town Clerk to research whether there are other legal routes to achieve quick clearance, rather than having to rely on the threat of a criminal prosecution."

Councillor Cliff Brewer   

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