Stourport Traffic - no Conservative future for the Relief Road

No Future for a Relief Road for all of Stourport
in Conservative-Controlled England

 27th February 2017    

Cliff Brewer

Councillor Cliff Brewer







Cliff writes,

Map of the proposed Stourport Relief Road

Map of the proposed Stourport Relief Road
Only 2 sections have so far been built -
Discovery Road and Millfields Drive.

"It is some time since we included any reference in our Labour manifesto commitments to the proposed Stourport Relief Road. We stopped doing that because we had come to the conclusion that to mention it was to give false hope of its construction in the near future.

Two factors led to our decision. Firstly, the austerity agenda put in place in 2010 by the Conservatives is set to continue. There will be no money from the national exchequer for Stourport. Secondly, since £16 million has recently been spent on the road through the Silverwoods site (formerly the Sugar Beet factory), we did not think it likely that Conservative-controlled Worcestershire County Council would promote another major highway scheme in Wyre Forest for some  time into the future.

However, given the extent of gridlock in Areley Kings and the town centre at certain times of the week, we did expect the county council to at least retain an in-principle commitment to completion of the whole of the Stourport Relief Road project.

Unfortunately, we were wrong. In its upcoming Local Transportation Plan, no mention is made of the necessary new bridge over the river. The significance for Areley Kings residents in particular, is grim - no prospect into the distant future of delay-free trips over the bridge and into town.

The county council does retain a vision east of the river - mentioning, but providing no money for, the route from

Discovery Road - Worcester Road - Hartlebury Road - Millfields Drive - Minster Road

which would ameliorate, but not solve Stourport's traffic problems:

The route of the northern section of the proposed Stourport Relief Road

Millfields Drive
The unfinished Stourport Relief Road   -   Millfields Drive                  Creative Commons P L Chadwick

It is clear that Conservative decision-makers prioritise other people and places above Stourport."

Councillor Cliff Brewer   



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