Stourport Town Council - March 2017

Councillor Rob Lloyd

Report from Stourport Town Council

Meeting March 2017

Councillor Rob Lloyd reports,

The March meeting of Stourport Town Council meeting spent much of its time discussing the Vehicular Activated Sign, (known as the VAS).

The VAS is a digital monitor which advises motorists of their speed, so that they can slow down if breaking the speed limit.

All four Labour councillors spoke in the debate, which reached a unanimous conclusion on the following points -

Draw up a new list of Stourport locations at which the VAS would be used.


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All requested locations to be included both with regard to their priority on the list and the length of time for the VAS sign to remain in place. With priority to be given to Stourport locations most obviously affected by speeding.

The results from each site to be considered and representations made to the Highways Authority (Worcestershire County Council), as appropriate.

Consider the purchase of further VAS monitor signs.

Create a new committee to provide regular oversight of this function.

"Councillors have always received complaints about speeding. However, in recent months, the number of complaints has increased significantly. We believe that the deployment of several VAS monitors located around the town, with action taken on their results, would help to combat the problem."

Councillor Rob Lloyd    

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