Stourport Town Council - February 2017

Report from Stourport Town Council - Meeting February 2017

Councillor Vi Higgs

Councillor Vi Higgs reports,

In addition to the usual monthly planning applications, the February meeting of Stourport Town Council focussed on its 2017/18 budget. 

Councillors had previously heard that £87,000 could be spent on new facilities in the War Memorial Park without any impact on the revenue budget. Now they were informed by the Parks committee chairman, Councillor Jamie Shaw, that a further £10,000 would be available from current resources to upgrade the existing children's play area.

However, other factors affecting the council's finances led it to support, unanimously, an increase in the precept of £1, raising it to £28.12 (at Band D Council Tax).

Labour councillors pointed out that the £1 increase would almost cover the loss of income from a reduction in district council grant in the coming financial year, but further cuts in this grant in 2018/19 and 2019/20, plus the shouldering of the financial burden of the paddling pool on the riverside, would present significant problems in future years.

 "Satisfactory for now, but more difficult times ahead" is my verdict.

Vi Higgs           

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