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Speeding Traffic in Stourport

 Update:      27th May 2018

Cliff Brewer    Councillor Cliff Brewer writes,

Labour Gets Things Done

In the last two years, our publications have highlighted your concerns about speeding vehicles in Stourport. We told you we would take action. We have done so.


First, we proposed that Stourport Town Council should possess more than one VAS, (Vehicle-Activated Speed) monitor. The council will soon have four.

Then we promoted the creation of a VAS committee. That committee was appointed at the Annual Council meeting on 15th May. Its purpose is to study the record of speeding at specific locations. The worst examples will be fed back to the county council, with requests for action.


At the moment, the county council has approved six sites at which monitoring can take place. These include Wilden Lane, Dunley Road and Windermere Way. Further sites have been proposed, so that there should be a comprehensive coverage of the town. Here on our web site, on  Facebook and in our newsletters, will keep you informed of the committee’s work.

Policy into Practice                      18th April 2018

"Labour's election address leaflets in Stourport contain a pledge confront the problem of speeding vehicles.


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Stourport Town Council will soon have four digital speed monitors at its disposal. We have already proposed that a working party should be set up to analyse the evidence of excessive speed which they record.

That working party will be formed at the town council’s May 2018 meeting.

Using the evidence from the monitors, the working party will be able to press the responsible authority, which is Worcestershire county Council, for action at the most dangerous locations.

Reporting Action Against Speeding          17th June 2017

I have had an extensive meeting with the new Safer Neighbourhood PC, Andy Wallace, about speeding in many locations in Stourport.

PC Wallace explained that the Police cannot simply locate speed cameras where they, or members of the public, think there is a problem. The decision is made based on speeding statistics and any accidents or incidents that may have occurred to warrant such an action. Also, speed cameras are not owned by the Police, but by an independent agency, with which the police have to work.

However, PC Wallace has given me a commitment to have a police car and himself prominent along Wilden Lane and Kingsway for a period of one hour per week. This has already started in Wilden Lane.

Meanwhile, the Town Council is awaiting Worcestershire County Council's approval to site a visual display monitor in all the roads identified by the public and councillors. Indeed, so that vehicle speeds at every location can be checked more frequently, councillors are looking to purchase a further two monitors in addition to the one they presently have.

I am arranging to meet with PC Andy Wallace every 4 to 5 weeks to discuss progress on this and other issues, and will of course advise you further on my progress.

Cliff Brewer

Councillor Cliff Brewer writes,

16 December 2016


"With the help of the Town Council's speed monitor, I am investigating the speeding occurring in Kingsway. Also, I am trying to monitor the use of the road by heavy vehicles. My particular concern is the stretch towards Burlish Crossing.

When the results are available from the speed monitor, should they show a problem,
I will pursue the matter with the Highways Department of Worcestershire County Council."

Councillor Cliff Brewer    







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