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Jill Hawes  writes,

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"Fairer funding formula for schools" is anything but fair - our schools face savage cuts.

The current Conservative government was elected on a manifesto which included a promise to protect school funding. Much was made of developing a "Fairer funding for schools formula" - a positive promise. No doubt many people would have thought that schools, many already struggling with budget deficits, would be better off under this new formula.


Under the proposed formula the government will freeze per-pupil funding, whilst inflation and costs continue to increase.

Research undertaken by The Education Policy Institute found that even schools which the government said would be better off under this formula will in fact be worse off. This is due to funding reductions to local authorities, continuing inflation and the extensive savings already imposed on schools.

By 2020, average real-terms budget cuts will be 9.5% in primary schools and 8.7% in secondary schools.


Stourport High School faces cuts equivalent to the loss of 17 teaching posts.

Primary schools face cuts equivalent to 2 or 3 teaching posts per school.

Schools may choose to maintain their teacher numbers, BUT in that case something else will have to go. Some schools have already been forced to restrict their range of curriculum activities --- music, dance, drama and art are amongst the activities that have suffered. This is very likely to continue.

Parents who are already contributing to schools through their taxes, PTA activities and the like, may now be asked to contribute to the school budget. That was reported in the national press in February as already happening in some parts of the country.

If you want to check the impact on a particular school go to:

So this government is prepared to break a manifesto promise and cut school funding, whilst going ahead with the development of grammar schools to the tune of £320 million pounds - a policy for which they have NO manifesto mandate.

Conservative councillors at our County Hall are also playing part in dismantling and undermining educational and support services for children and young people in Worcestershire. Conservative Worcestershire county councillors have cut funding to Children's Centres, reduced health visitor posts and abolished the Youth Service. They have been told in no uncertain terms by Ofsted that they have failed children and young people in need of care and protection.

The Labour Party is about fairness for all. The Conservative policies described above are blatantly unfair to children and young people, their families, professional staff and communities. And, ultimately, somewhat ironically, they are unfair in their effect on business and a strong economy.

Jill Hawes                   

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