Planning - The Country's Choice, our Consequence

Planning - The Country's Choice, our Consequence


The site proposed by Gladman -  green agricultural land on Stourport's southern boundary.

Councillor Vi Higgs

Councillor Vi Higgs writes,


"In 2010 and 2015, the electorate put into power governments headed by David Cameron. He blamed the Planning system for poor national house-building totals. To encourage better performance, the National Planning Policy Framework, (NPPF), was introduced. Its policies reduced the power of Planning Authorities, (mainly councils), and gave greater scope to developers, such as Gladman. Locally and nationally, Labour disagreed....but the country had made its choice.

Therefore, despite the fact that the land at Marlborough Drive/Areley Common is not zoned for housing, and despite expecting its planning application to be refused, Gladman can still hope to build here. It can appeal against a council decision to the Planning Inspectorate. Using the NPPF, it can argue that council land zoning policies are inadequate, with some expectation that the inspector will agree. Already, this strategy has been successful, for example in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Don’t underestimate Gladman Developments; with the power given to them by David Cameron, the threat to our green fields is real." 

Vi Higgs


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