Paddling Pool - Stourport Riverside

Paddling Pool  -  Stourport Riverside


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Cliff Brewer  Councillor Cliff Brewer writes,

 Update:       3rd June 2018

"The Town Council’s Parks committee will meet on June 13th.

I will be asking committee members to state to the public what the council’s position is on the future management of the paddling pool. 

Stourport Town Council wants everyone to know that the town council is taking on the responsibility of paying for the pool, but not for its day-to-day running, which will remain with the district council WFDC. 

Understanding of the arrangement is important to debates about the cost of running the paddling pool.

Stourport Paddling Pool  -  saved                   12 January 2017

"It's good news for the people of Stourport, and the summer visitors. The Paddling Pool is to remain open.

At its meeting on 10th January Stourport Town Council agreed to adopt ownership and maintenance of the riverside Paddling Pool, under the terms offered by Wyre Forest District Council. The only alternative would have been closure of the pool.

The decision does come at an unavoidable cost. In the second year under town council management there will have to be an additional £1 per year on the Council Tax for Stourport residents, and another £1 increase in the following year. 

The Town Council felt that the small increase would be acceptable to the people of Stourport if that is the only way to keep the much-valued pool open."

Councillor Cliff Brewer    







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