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 Update:     17th October 2017

Memorial Park Update


Councillor Rob Lloyd


Councillor Rob Lloyd reports, 


Work in progress in the Memorial Park

"Work has commenced on the new facilities in the park provided by Section 106 funds*. The eight outdoor gym stations are being built on part of the area previously occupied by the tennis courts. The surface area of the courts not required will be dug up and returned to grass.

The location of the "natural play" equipment is next to the existing play area and is intended for older children’s activities. Features include a slide built into the embankment, a zip wire, a timber agility trail and a “boulder-climbing” mound.

Technicalities about local government finance have resulted in the £10,000 previously allocated to the improvement of the existing play area having to be used for the re-grassing mentioned above. However, £7,000 is likely to come available to the town council from an outside source and will be used to replace the “rocket”. Parents of users have suggested a "Jacob the Digger", which has a tractor, climbing frame and slide, and this option is being pursued."

*Section 106 funds are provided by developers as part of the planning permission.

 Update:     17th June 2017

 Stourport Town Council       Parks Committee Report

The committee met on 6th June 2017. Its main focus was on the Memorial Park. With reference to the major capital expenditure on an outdoor gym and an adventure play area, the committee heard that a decision on which contractors have been successful is due in July, with a start on site scheduled for December.

A £10,000 budget saving from 2016/17 was used to fund improvements to the existing play area. The committee was aware of concern by members of the public that there were few items suitable for very young children. Therefore, it agreed that a new piece of suitable equipment would be located next to the swings. Also, the Parks Manager advised that, within the budget ceiling of £10,000, the "rocket" could be replaced by a new feature which would be able to be used by more children. The committee authorised expenditure for this purpose.

Committee member Councillor Rob Lloyd comments,

"We will allow officers to progress the details of these various matters. Another meeting of the committee will be convened when there are further decisions to be taken on them."

Memorial  Park  Decision

Update:     21st December 2016




Your Labour Team reports:




 Creative Commons - Stephen Craven

Outdoor green gym in Fairy Hill Park, Eltham, London

Stourport Town Council's Parks Committee has made its choice of new facilities to be constructed in the Memorial Park - Green Gym apparatus and Natural Play equipment.

The current tennis courts will be the main station for the gym apparatus, but other individual exercise machines will be located throughout the park. 


 Creative Commons - P L Chadwick     

Natural play equipment at Cookley, near Kidderminster

The Natural Play area will be sited near the existing younger children's play area, next to Park Avenue.

The remaining tarmacked area of the tennis courts which is not required for the Green Gym will be returned to grass.

Council officers will now draw up specifications and seek bids from contractors to carry out these works. The capital sum available is £87,000 - all of which has come from planning conditions attached to permissions for new house building in Stourport.

The Parks Committee has been asked about provision in the park for younger children under school age.

The new Natural Play area is intended for "older children", by which Parks Committee members mean "older primary-aged children and into teenage years". In their discussions with council officers and a parks facilities consultant, the committee considered that the existing younger children's play area did cater for children under school-age. Indeed, on their visits to the park prior to taking their decision, members of the committee saw children of this age, supervised by adults of course, using the play area. However, the question will be brought to the attention of the committee, when it meets early in 2017."

Working Together

A statement from the Parks Committee, Stourport Town Council.

The Friends of Stourport's War Memorial Park came into being in 2014. At that time, the Parks committee met only rarely. I understand that any contact that the committee had with the Friends was informal.

In 2014-15, in contrast to the Parks committee's inactivity, the Friends contributed ideas and resources to the park. The fitness trail and the proposed wild flower planting are testimony to their positive impact. 

The current Parks Committee is active and has been considering the feasibility of various new facilities in the Memorial Park.

No final decisions have yet been taken about any of the facilities.

The Parks Committee will meet on 20th December 2016, to decide on its preferred options. A representative of the Friends will be invited to participate in the committee's discussions, but will not have a vote on the options.

Also, the offer has been made to the Friends to meet town council representatives, to agree a more formal arrangement for ongoing consultation.

War Memorial Park. Picture of old tennis courts.Stourport Town Council has not yet decided how it will spend the £80,000-plus figure it has to spend on new facilities in the park. Two meetings of its Parks committee were postponed, because research on options had not been finalised. We must stress that no final decisions on expenditure have been taken behind the scenes. However, the Parks committee has agreed on one principle, that the facilities should cater for the widest age range possible. It has also decided on the options to be considered, which are:- 1. expenditure on all three of the major proposals, a multi-use games area, ( MUGA), outdoor gym equipment and a Natural Play area. The sum available would not stretch to full provision of all three. 2. expenditure on two of the three options. The costs for the MUGA, at around £50,000, are fixed in the sense that it is an all-or-nothing choice, while the other two options are variable on cost, depending on the number of items installed. 3. the number of sites to be used : the current tennis courts, the land adjacent to the tennis courts, the fitness trail and land next to the existing children's play area are all possibilities. We understand that Wyre Forest District Council planners have said that planning permission will not be needed.


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