Local Plan Review and Public Consultation 2018

Wyre Forest District Council's Local Plan Review

Update:                        November 2018

Last Chance To Make Your Views Known

Wyre Forest District Council has published its final version of the Local Plan.



Local Plan Review 2017

Public Consultation - Your Choice on Planning Policy

            Councillor Rob Lloyd   Councillor Rob Lloyd writes ...

"Each council area is required to have a Local Plan. One of its purposes is to allocate land for development. The current consultation is for the period to 2034. Each household in Wyre Forest District should have received a leaflet about the consultation. 

This article focuses on the proposals for housing. Wyre Forest has to make provision for 6,000 new homes by 2034. This figure is precise, having been ascertained by an "objective housing assessment" external to the council. Over half of these properties will be able to be accommodated within the existing urban boundaries of the district - either on previously-developed re-usable "brownfield" sites, or on "greenfield" sites to be developed for the first time, within or on the edge of the existing built-up areas. 

However 2,400 homes will have to be built in "urban extensions". The consultation offers a choice of "Option A" or "Option B" for these.

Option A suggests development primarily to the north and east of Kidderminster.

Option B retains some of this development, but disperses the remainder west of the River Severn to one site in Bewdley and two in Areley Kings. 

I believe Option A to be preferable on good planning grounds. The location of new development in one part of the district will result in new much-needed infrastructure improvements, especially a new link road from the Birmingham road - a Kidderminster Eastern By-pass.

The more dispersed Option B will not come with any improvements, instead, it will only make traffic congestion worse across Bewdley and Stourport bridges.

For more information and how to comment, please go to:

WFDC Local Plan Consultation

I urge you to make your views known."

Councillor Rob Lloyd      




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