Health Visitors  -  Public Health Services

Health Visitors  -  Public Health Services 

5th March 2017  

"Public Health Services were transferred to councils from central government by the last Coalition Government.

They are funded by government grant, not by Council Tax and Business Rates income.

One of the services provided is Health Visiting.

Health Visitors play a very important role in providing advice to parents of young children and monitoring children's development up to the age of five years.

On coming into government in 2010, David Cameron stated that the country needed more Health Visitors and, indeed, numbers did increase.

However, under the austerity policies of Cameron and Theresa May, numbers are being reduced.

In Worcestershire, 20 posts have been axed, leaving 90 Health Visitors to cope with the workload for the whole county.

Serious in itself, this reduction is even more worrying because of the county council's axing of resources for Children's Centres, which are designed to provide many of the services with which Health Visitors work in tandem.

The Worcestershire County Council elections on May 4th give you, the electorate, the opportunity to state whether you are prepared to tolerate these ever-lower standards of austerity politics - or support better services, which we in Labour say should be funded by higher taxes on the Very Rich and multi-national companies."












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