Elections 2019

Election time again soon - all change!

Your Labour candidates on 2nd May:

Councillor Cliff Brewer

Jackie Griffiths

Jill Hawes

Councillor Vi Higgs

Reg Knott

Councillor Rob Lloyd

Daniel Rees

Nick Savage

Carol Warren



This year’s local elections in May will be all change for our local councils. For the first time both Stourport Town Council and Wyre Forest District Council will all be elected in one fell swoop. Every single councillor will be freshly elected - by you.

After that it will be a long 4 years before these elections come round again. So it’s important to vote this year. Check that you are on the register to vote, and if not register now. Click here to register to vote. It’s easy to do and free.

This is your chance to make real change and a fresh start for our town, by electing Labour councillors this time. Don’t waste it.

With several candidates to vote for in each ward, some of the ballot papers will be quite long. Why not vote carefully from the comfort of your own home by applying for a postal vote? Click here for how to apply for a postal vote. It’s easy to do and free. Postal vote application forms (not postal votes) must be returned to Wyre Forest District Council by 5pm on 15th April 2019.

If you need more information or help obtaining the forms, just ask us.

We are relying on you to help us make Stourport a better place to live and work. Don’t leave it to someone else, make your voice heard - vote Labour this time.

Stourport Town Council   Elections 2nd MAY 2019

Stourport Town Council is responsible for:

oThe Memorial Park

oRecreation grounds

oTown gardens



oLetting the Civic Centre 

oRecommendations on planning applications

Wyre Forest District Council   Elections 2nd MAY 2019

Wyre Forest District Council is responsible for:

oRubbish and recycling

oStreet cleaning

oCar Parks




oTrees and hedges 

oPlanning applications


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