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Election Terms Explained             30th April 2018   

On our election address for the District Council election on Thursday 3rd May are the following descriptions and slogans : here's what they mean.

"Labour" - A political party whose values are based on Fairness.

"Local" – Based in the community one seeks to serve.

"Active in our Community" – Being available to represent the views of individuals and groups to public authorities and participating in local activities.

"Feasible, Costed Policies" – Making commitments about public services only after having thought through the financial consequences.

One recent feasible, costed policy about which we presented Labour's "workings-out" in leaflets and online, is our proposal for a new public toilet block in Stourport town centre.


A Quality of Life Issue                24th April 2018   


                                    Traditional council housing.                                     public domain

Under the last eight years of mainly Conservative rule, the quality of civilised life has been reduced.

Some consequences of Conservative policy have been deliberate, such as the reduced police presence on the streets, clearly noticeable in Stourport.

Others are unintended. To be sure, the Bedroom Tax was meant to be harsh, but one unexpected consequence has been the soaring demand locally from older age groups for one bed-roomed properties.

This type of accommodation used to regarded as inappropriate for most residents - two bedrooms gave the opportunity for family to stay overnight, or for an ill, or less physically able, person to have their own room.

But now, an older couple in a two bed-roomed rented property are punished for their "spare capacity" and many can't afford to lose income. Hence the high demand for poorer-quality homes.

By abolishing the Bedroom Tax, a Labour government would allow people to remain in better accommodation and, therefore, improve the quality of life here in Stourport.

Affordable Housing in Stourport         1th April 2018   

"The Market" has never worked to provide decent homes for all.

David Lloyd George, Prime Minister at the end of World War 1, recognised this and initiated council house building to create "homes fit for heroes".

"The Market" is not working to provide sufficient affordable housing for those unable to buy in Stourport today.

To meet the needs of the 887 households seeking affordable housing in Stourport currently, a higher level of central government funding will be required.

Regrettably, the current government places too much reliance on "the market" and refuses to learn the lesson of history from Lloyd George.

Labour councillors on Wyre Forest District Council will continue to advocate for decent homes for all.

We're sticking to our Principles        29th March 2018   

A construction company’s chief executive paid a "bonus" of £100million.

A banker who had oversight of employees jailed for currency manipulation, quitting with a £28million "remuneration package".

In last year's council election campaign in Stourport, we called for higher taxation to pay for public services.

We identified the Super Rich as an elite which could afford to pay far more towards these services, which support civilised life.

In this year's council elections in Stourport, we restate those same principles.

A Roof over their Heads               26th October 2017   

One indicator of the health of civil society is whether all citizens have a secure place of residence. Therefore, it is disturbing to learn that in 2016 a total of 1,153 households in Wyre Forest were either in danger of becoming homeless, or had been successfully re-housed after being actually homeless. The majority of cases were resolved without residents having to quit their homes, often after decisive intervention by district council housing officers. However 231 applications were made to be classified as homeless, of which 184 were accepted as "priority", i.e. categories of applicant whom the district council are required by law to assist. This number represented a significant increase from the 165 cases in 2015.

This body of evidence indicates that current government housing policy is not working.

All Housing Authorities try to avoid the placement of homeless families in Bed & Breakfast accommodation, which is both unsuitable for family life and expensive. Unfortunately, in 2016 B&B had to be used on 26 occasions.

In these worrying circumstances, the district council has taken the decision to open a temporary accommodation hostel in New Street, Stourport, consisting of eleven en-suite bedrooms, a communal kitchen and an office:

Hostel for homeless in New Street, Stourport

Obviously length of time in residence will vary, but the expectation is weeks rather than months. In addition to avoiding Bed & Breakfasts, the new hostel will enable housing officers to avoid placing families in the worst of other unsuitable accommodation.

Better provision for homeless families is welcome, but a long way from being a solution to housing issues in Wyre Forest and nationally.

A Home For All

Homeless families will become tenants, i.e. paying a rent to a landlord. Although given priority over others on the Housing Waiting List if allocated a housing association property, they will not usually be housed in accommodation that will meet their long-term needs. Therefore, along with many families re-housed in privately rented accommodation, they will be likely to join others on the Waiting List seeking more suitable homes to rent. In Wyre Forest the total number waiting is 3,100 households. Consider this level of demand with the district council's annual target of new "affordable" homes - just 100 per annum.

Admittedly, this comparison is not on its own entirely satisfactory, because homes within the existing stock become available for re-allocation. Nor is the target figure of 100 entirely satisfactory, because it is below the real estimated need of 149 per annum. The council has not set this higher figure as its target because it does not consider it to be achievable under current government policies. Furthermore, even the term "affordable" is not satisfactory. It includes "shared ownership", i.e. part-rent, part-buy. This option is beyond the means of many on the Waiting List, yet because of policies driven by ideology, not evidence, the government demands that this option is disproportionally favoured.

For example, from the list of "affordable housing" completions in the district in 2016/17, one sees that the developments at Shaw Hedge Road in Bewdley, Keats Place at Offmore and Drakes Crescent in Habberley offer only shared ownership. The tenure of six of the ten properties on the former Coopers Arms site, Habberley, is likewise shared ownership. Only on one site, at Silverwoods, is there development of homes exclusively for rent - four units. 

Moreover, the total number of these new properties of either tenure suitable for families on the Waiting List, is paltry, just 25. Although the council's target of 100 has been exceeded by 27, the figure is skewed by 100 of them being Community Housing's extra care flats at Berrington Court, Silverwoods.

It is clear that the number of affordable homes for rent suitable for families in Wyre Forest falls a long way short of meeting existing need.

The problems faced by Wyre Forest District Council and its housing partners cannot be solved locally, because the failed policies of the Coalition, Cameron and May governments of the past seven years are to blame. National policy has to change.

From a Wyre Forest perspective, three of the changes Labour would make are:

A re-definition of "affordable", which would enable rent levels to be set at a lower rate than at present. 

"Shared ownership" to be excluded from the definition of "affordable housing", and housing of this type substantially down-graded as a proportion of properties offered by councils or (as in Wyre Forest's case) by housing associations.

Greatly increased capital investment, to fund a building programme, of which Wyre Forest's share would build 3,000 genuinely affordable homes to rent by 2034 (the timescale of the District Local Plan).

Surely, our values as a society should make us strive for a suitable home for all.

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