Daniel Rees


Daniel Rees

 -  your Labour team member for Mitton

 -  your District Council candidate for
    Mitton ward    Labour X

 -  your Town Council candidate for
    North ward    Labour X

Daniel writes...

"I am 31 years old and I currently work as a full-time accountant within industry. I am absolutely thrilled to have been selected as your Labour District Council candidate for Mitton ward.

Having lived in Stourport my whole life I hold this town close to my heart so I will endeavour to improve our area, in order that the residents of Stourport can continue to be proud of our town. I am a well driven and personable individual, I am willing to listen and do whatever I can to help improve people's lives for the better. I decided to join the Labour Party to be able to make a positive impact within our local community, and I feel as though the people of Stourport deserve a strong and caring voice to stand up for our town.

Knowing Stourport like I do, I know there are many things we can improve upon within our area. I would like to campaign for a better road infrastructure, as the current infrastructure is unsuitable for the ever-growing population of the town. It also brings limitations as to where new homes can be built without causing further congestions around the town, whilst also avoiding building on the green belt - which I am strongly against.


07988 744775

Stourport Labour have been your local voice championing for improvements with the local bus services, and I will continue pushing for a much-improved bus service for the people of Stourport. 

My main target if I were to be elected would be to push for an end to the austerity measures within our local area. For too long now the burden of Government cuts have been put on to the many not the few. With School budgets cut, an NHS and emergency services starved of the vital resources they need, it's about time we had a change. Fair taxation on businesses would help fund the services we so desperately need; the services which are the life-blood our communities.

If I am elected you can count on me to stand up for Stourport, to be the voice of a positive future, a bright future, where we can work together to make our community a better place for all."


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