Cuts In Local Services

Cuts In Local Services

Conservatives  -  Clearly To Blame        30th January 2017

Cliff Brewer

Councillor Cliff Brewer writes,

Worcestershire Royal Hospital - in crisis in 2017
                                                                                           Creative Commons -  Philip Halling 

Worcestershire Royal Hospital in crisis

"Civil society is being dismantled. It's a deliberate consequence of Conservative policy. Here are some of the examples which have come to my attention recently.

       Worcestershire Children's Services deemed "inadequate"

       Health Visitor numbers in Worcestershire cut

       Services in Worcestershire Children's Centres slashed

       One-in-ten children's nurseries in danger of immediate closure

       Parents asked for donations to school budgets

       Rationing of hip-replacement and knee operations proposed for Worcestershire

       Worcestershire Royal Hospital in crisis

       Adult Social Care in crisis in Worcestershire

       Plans for GP charges unveiled

       Homeless escalating - new hostel opening in Stourport

All this at a time the Super Rich, who could afford to fund these services, continue to pay less in tax.

In 2009, under a Labour government, Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs set up a specialist unit to tackle tax-dodging among "high net worth" individuals. Alas, Labour lost power in 2010. Since then, under Conservative direction, the unit has failed to make the Super Rich pay up. They're actually paying £1billion less than in 2009! Their missing tens of billions, squirreled away in tax havens, would go a significant way to funding the services in crisis identified above. 

So, clearly, the Conservatives are to blame; their loyalty to the Super Rich, and other wealthier parts of society, is greater than to the services on which we rely for civilised living. I urge you to vote them out of power at every election over the next few years."

Councillor Cliff Brewer    





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