Baxter College and SAET: Apology

In our recent newsletter article, "What’s the Logic of this Arrangement?" about school academy trusts, we made specific reference to Baxter College's staff and governors "signing up to the Conservative Party Programme of dismembering public services". This is not the case, as the process by which Baxter College became a trust was determined by government policy and was not a matter of choice.

We acknowledge that the schools have had little choice in following the policies of successive governments towards academisation. We were wrong to admonish them and pledge support to our local schools, their leaders and governors.

We further acknowledge that the Severn Academies Educational Trust, (SAET), is inclusive and welcoming of schools throughout Wyre Forest which may wish to join. We are told it provides good levels of support, and that the optimum levels of support and the economies of scale which a multi-academy trust (MAT) can bring is based on the numbers of pupils, not the number of schools admitted as claimed in our article. We accept that it is the Regional Schools Commissioner who decides which MAT should take the schools deemed "inadequate" by Ofsted.

We apologise wholeheartedly for the false impression our article gave of the local educational landscape.

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