Affordable Housing

                Affordable  Housing                 July 2018

                                                     Lucy Baldwin Close, Stourport

  Councillor Vi Higgs     Councillor Vi Higgs writes,

"Labour is a minority party on Wyre Forest District Council. Despite losing many votes, we strive to make a positive impact.

One of our priorities is Affordable Housing, which means "houses for rent, or for part-rent/part-purchase, from housing associations". The most recent survey identified a need for 229 such properties to be constructed in Wyre Forest for each of the next five years. Unfortunately, current trends suggest an annual figure will be well under 100.

At Labour's request the council established an Affordable Housing working party. Its recommendations, now published, aim to strengthen the council's role.

I highlight two of them here. One urges the council to offer land it owns for house construction, working with the Community Housing Group. The other proposes the use of planning powers to require developers to provide more than the usual "30% Affordable" on certain sites.

In the current division of powers between central and local government, far too much power rests with Westminster. The current housing shortage will not be solved without changes in national policies. However, I believe that the working party's recommendations, five in total, if adopted will increase the number of affordable homes available in Wyre Forest."

Councillor Vi Higgs  


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